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Consumer Litigation

Most people don't realize that the State of Texas has very strong laws meant to protect you as a consumer from getting taken advantage of by businesses. At the heart of those protections is a law called the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, or "DTPA" for short. Actionable DTPA violations include but are not limited to a business lying about a product or service it sells, when a business refuses to honor a warranty, or when a business does subpar work for the consumer.

If you have been taken advantage of by a business, you can potentially recover the cost of repair or replacement, compensation for the attorney's fees you spend pursuing the claim, and more. If the Court finds that the person or business committed a DTPA violation intentionally and knowingly, the Court can even award you an amount triple your actual damages in order to punish and deter other businesses from doing the same thing to others in the future.


Texas law requires that you act fast, however. The applicable statute of limitations requires that you bring the suit within two years of when a reasonable person would have discovered the person or business' violating act. If you feel you are already past the two year point, however, other legal options are likely still available to you.

We at the Leake Law Firm, PLLC offer the experienced legal counsel needed to pursue or defend a consumer law claim. If you live in the Greater Dallas Area and have a potential claim against a business, or if you are a business currently facing such a claim, call us at the Leake Law Firm, PLLC to let us show you how we can help.